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Sa Pa town is 38km from Lao Cai city and 376km from Hanoi. To get to Sapa, you can choose taking night train or car via a new highway. Tour to Sapa to enjoy the fresh air, green environment, amazing natural scenery, in addition, you also experience the life of indigenous people here. Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai Province, Sapa is small and quiet but hidden in the wonders of nature. From the city center, you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks.

Some villages where visitors can have very interesting homestay in Sapa as Ta Phin, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ban Ho, Cat Cat …. With Sapa homestay, foreign visitors will experience a lot of interesting things to live together and learn the lifestyle of the ethnic minority.

No matter what time of year the natural beauty of Sapa is beautiful, the best time to travel to Sapa is from April to May and from September to November. April – May is the time when ethnic minorities cultivate rice on terraced fields, this is also the bloom season of many beautiful flowers, romantic natural scenery. September to October is the season of rice harvesting, then every corner of Sapa view is golden. Sapa was wearing a new coat – yellow on the hills. View All Tours to Sapa >>

Top Sapa Attractions

Things do in Sapa Recommended by Locals

Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

One of the most popular destinations with tourists when traveling Sapa is Ham Rong Mountain. This is a mountain located right in the center of Sapa town. Ham Rong mountain park was built on an area of nearly 150 hectares, in 1996 to exploit the unspoiled natural-cultural values of the area. The more you go up the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery such as Orchid Garden, Sky Gate,…. Especially for tourists who have the interest of sightseeing and photography, perhaps this is a tourist that you can save yourself a lot of pictures to life.

Sapa Monastery – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Located in the center of Sapa is an ancient, beautiful, mysterious monastery, built by the French in the late 18th century, the architectural signature of the remaining French integrity. Anyone who saw it was amazed at the time when there was an incredible and grandiose work.

Sapa Market – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Sapa market is a unique cultural economic activity, this is the place where many kinds of goods and local products are exchanged, as well as opportunities for highlanders to go to markets and ethnic young men and women dating, meeting, singing love affair to find out the mate through the song of confession, through the flute.

Cat Cat village – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Just about 15 minutes’ walk from the center of Sapa town, Cat Cat village is a long-established H’mong people, where traditional handicrafts such as cotton, linen, and weaving are also preserved. The site has now been built into Cat Cat tourist area. Go to Cat Cat village, you will admire the traditional beauty of the H’mong people, in addition, to admire the terrace rice fields.

Ta Phin village – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Ta Phin village is about 7km from Sapa. This place has beautiful natural scenery, unique cultural features of the Red Dao people with Brocade handicraft. To Ta Phin village, you can visit the nearby Ta Phin Cave. In the cave, there are many interesting stalactites.

Ta Van Village – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Ta Van village is about 8km from Sapa, down to Muong Hoa valley. Come here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle of the Giay people. The road to Ta Van Giay hamlet is small, narrow and dirt road, both sides of the road are fertile terraced fields adorned with blue of maize and young rice.

Sin Chai Village – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Sin chai village, San Sa Ho commune, about 4km from the center of Sapa town, a village not yet exploited much tourism so still retain the original wild. This village is inhabited by Black Mong people with the population of about 1400 people. Apart from rice and maize cultivation, Sin Chai people also choose to grow cardamom, a significant source of income.

Fansipan Mountain – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

At an altitude of 3,143 m above sea level, Fansipan peak is dubbed the Roof of Indochina.  Admire the fairy landscape at dawn or sunset on the mountain is always an unforgettable experience for those who love nature. Previous to climb to Mount Fansipan, travelers had to walk two days from the foot of the mountain, but now with the cable car to help climb Mount Fansipan much easier, you just sit the cable car and walk about 20 minutes to reach the peak Fansipan.

Silver Waterfall – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

Silver Waterfall has long been known as a landmark of Sapa. This falls from a height of over 100m from the top of the mountain. Standing at the foot of the Silver Waterfall, watching the vastness of the sky and the majestic mountain ridges, we suddenly feel small before the beauty of nature. However, in the dry season, you should consider when visiting Waterfall Silver because of that very little waterfall.

Love Waterfall – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

If you like walking, you can stop at Tram Ton and pass through Hoang Lien National Park, about 1 km to discover the Love Waterfall.

Heaven Gate – Sapa attractions

sapa attractions

For a long time when referring to the heaven gate, people often think of Ha Giang, but few know that Sapa also has a gate to heaven. This is the highest peak road in Vietnam. It is about 2km away from the silver waterfall.

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