Vietnam overview

Hmong People in Sapa

Here is Vietnam overview with brief information about Vietnam that we provide to help you to collect basic information about Vietnam for your records before you travel to Vietnam. 

Location: The country is located in Southeast of Asia, bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the East Sea to the east.

Official name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Official language: Vietnamese

Capital: Hanoi

Largest city: Ho Chi Minh (Sai Gon)

Population: 91 millions (2013)

Ethnic groups: 86% Viet (Kinh), and 53 other groups take the rest of 14%.

Formation: The Vietnamese became independent from Imperial China in AD 938, gained independent from French in 1945, reunification in 1975.

Currency: Đồng (VND)

Time zone: UTC+7:00

Calling code: +84

Internet TLD: .vn

Geography: Total area: 331.000 sq km, mountains and hills account for 70%. The highest mountain is Fansipan at 3.143m above sea level.

Administrative subdivisions: 58 provinces and 5 municipalities; 8 subdivisions: Red River Delta, Northeast, Northwest, North Central Coast, Central Highlands, South Central Coast, Southeast and Mekong Delta.

Economy: In 2013, the nominal GDP reached $170.020 billions, with nominal GDP per capita of $1,896; GDP by sectors: Agriculture: 21.6%, industry: 40.8%,services: 37.6%; Labour force by occupation: Agriculture: 48%, industry: 21%, services: 31%; Main industries: paddy rice, coffee, rubber, cotton, tea,pepper, soybeans, cashews, sugar cane, peanuts, bananas, poultry, fish,seafood; Export goods: clothes, shoes, marine products, crude oil, electronics, wooden products, rice,machinery.

Tourism: Tourism is increasingly important in Vietnam. For backpackers, culture and nature lovers, beach-lovers and veterans touring the country for a long time, Vietnam has emerged itself as a new tourist destination in Southeast Asia and on is now on lists in magazines worldwide. Hotel investors especially the potential of the 3000-kilometer-long coast line and the big cities. The tourism offer has been increasingly diversified. Local and international tour operators offer tours to ethnic minority groups, walking and bicycle tours, kayak trips and multi-country trips in particular in connection with neighboring Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.