Ba Be Lake – Ba Be National Park is located in Ba Be district in Bac Kan province, Northeast region of Vietnam and is about 250 km away from Hanoi and 70 km away from Bac Kan’s center. This is a precious natural heritage of Vietnam, a complete and complicated system of primitive forest on stone mountains which are surrounded by tranquil lakes.

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Ba Be Lake – Ba Be National Park offers splendid beauty of nature and local culture 

The Ba Be national park covers a total area of 23.240 ha which home to 417 types of plant and 299 types of animal. There are a plenty of precious and endangered species that inhabit in this region.

Hanoi ba be lake tour 2 days 5Ba Be National Park is unique among Vietnamese protected areas for the diversity of freshwater habitats. This is reflected to some extent in the diversity of fish species found at the site. Although recent surveys by the PARC Project have documented the existence of several endemic fish species, more work needs to be conducted in this area.

Hanoi ba be lake tour 2 days 6Located in the core zone of the park, at an altitude of 145 m above sea level, Ba Be Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam (8km long and 400m wide). Having been formed approximately 200 million years ago, the lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs, which in turn are covered by primary forests.

Northeast Vietnam 5 Day Tour 7The lake is comprised of three zones named Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Leng. Three rivers, Nang, Ta Han, and Nam Cuong, are the main tributaries to the lake. The Nang River enters the lake through a large waterfall called Dau Dang. In the lake there are also three islands, named An Ma, Khau Cim, and Po Gia Mai (literally “Widow’s Island”).

Ba Be Lake Homestay 2 Days TourIn addition to the relaxation and scenery while boating on the lake, visitors can stay at the Pac Ngoi to better understand cultural characteristics of the Tay people live in coastal lakes, as well as enjoy fascinating cuisine local location on the mountain.

Hanoi ba be lake tour 2 days 2Romantically, the young Tay girls in black outfits stand on “one stem” boat, helping travellers to cross the picturesque Ba Be Lake. Without a doubt, they are the knowledgeable amateur tour guides who continuously surprise you in your journey to explore this beautiful land. You will be also amazed to learn about the lives of the ethnic groups: their culture, their routine life, their myths, their traditions, etc.

Ha Giang Ba Be Lake 4 Days Tour 1Ba Be Lake has a warm weather in winter and a cool weather in summer so that it can become an ideal destination for people from everywhere to come, admire and cherish in just any season. The surface of the lake is flat; it transforms the whole lake into a mirror that reflects the figures of the majestic mountains and the shining cloud.